Ebotics Build & Code Plus - Electronic Kit
Ebotics Build & Code Plus - Electronic Kit
Ebotics Build & Code Plus - Electronic Kit
Ebotics Build & Code Plus - Electronic Kit

Ebotics Build & Code Plus - Electronic Kit

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Ebotics Build & Code Plus - Electronic Kit

Cool Projects! Build and code little cool projects to start dealing with programming.


Ebotics Build & Code Plus - Electronic Kit

 Build and code little cool projects to start dealing with programming. Controller pack contains a Build&Code UNO board, a protoboard and wires. 4 electronic kits to build and code small cool projects:

- Light control

- Alarm clock

- Funny fan

-Traffic light radar

Electronic and programming kit Electronic kits for robotics and domotics enthusiasts. They feature a selection of sensors and components to develop basic and advanced projects. Designed for beginners (Basic) and experts (Plus) in STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).

Basic and extended electronic kits PLUS includes:

• Build & Code Basic Kit

•2 light sensor shields,

•1 distance sensor shield,

•1 black-white sensor shield,

•1 RGB LED shield 

• 2 motor shields

And much more! See all the items and technical specifications on the following link:


• Programmable with Arduino IDE and mBlock

• Compatible with Arduino community

• Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux

For beginners and advanced users

This means that advanced users (for example, if they know about Arduino) will know how to take advantage of the board and the included components to develop anything they want. And beginners will also be able to learn about electronics and programming, but maybe they will need support (in school, Internet communities, friends, etc.) to know where to start, even if they are familiar with the Arduino communities.

That is why we recommend the next websites / forums for beginners and advanced users:




In these websites, users will find tutorials, descriptions and projects about electronics and programming using the Arduino board and software (which are 100% compatible with the Build & Code Kits).

Compatible with Arduino and mBlock

Build&Code UNO is the included board in the Build & Code Kits, it is based and 100% compatible with the Arduino UNO board (the world famous open-source board).

This is very convenient because it means that the Arduino IDE programming software can be used to code the projects and also, any user can take advantage of the Internet Arduino communities to learn, solve problems, and even collaborate in projects (worldwide).


It is also compatible with mBlock programming software, which is a very useful software for kids and beginners. Its visual drag and drop puzzle design helps users to easily learn about programming.


Both software are compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux

Recommended age: +14

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