Foot Pedal Switch
Foot Pedal Switch
Foot Pedal Switch
Foot Pedal Switch

Foot Pedal Switch

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Foot Pedal Switch

Put the pedal to the metal with this metal foot switch. This is the same kind of foot pedal you might find switching the power supply for a tattoo machine or as a sustain pedal on an electric piano. The non-slip pad on top and rubber bumpers on the bottom keep the pedal from slipping out of place during use. If you open it up, it's a simple momentary switch and a big spring and that's about it. This pedal has, however, been described as "luxuriant, elegant and generous" and I guess we'd have to agree. 


- Contacts configuration: NC + NO
- AC contacts rating @R (at resistive load): 10A / 250Vac
- IP rating: IP20
- Operating temperature: -10 to 70°C
- Leads: lead 1mt
- Switching method (the position in bracket indicates momentary position): ON-(ON)
- Body material: plastic
- Mechanical durability: 20000000 cycles
- Electrical life: 500000 cycles
- Stable positions: 1
- Dimensions: 100x62x35x5mm

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