Infineon XMC1100 for Arduino Boot Kit
Infineon XMC1100 for Arduino Boot Kit
Infineon XMC1100 for Arduino Boot Kit
Infineon XMC1100 for Arduino Boot Kit

Infineon XMC1100 for Arduino Boot Kit

Infineon XMC1100 for Arduino Boot Kit

Develop with the XMC1100 Microcontroller with a board shape & power supply for Arduino Shields

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Infineon XMC1100 for Arduino Boot Kit

The XMC1000 product family integrates the ARM® Cortex™-M0 core into a leading-edge 65nm manufacturing process to overcome the limitations of today’s 8-bit designs. XMC1000 offers current 8-bit users a new opportunity to enjoy 32-bit power, without having to compromise on price or ease of use.

Within its market segment, XMC1000 offers the largest Flash memory spectrum, scaling from 8KB to 200KB. Three different series cover a range of application fields. The XMC1100 series is designed for easy entry into the XMC world. The XMC1200 line features peripherals for LED lighting and HMI designs and the XMC1300 series addresses the real-time control needs of motor control or digital power conversion applications. Leveraging Infineon’s competence as the number 1 worldwide in security microcontrollers, XMC1000 products deliver effective software IP protection functionality.

XMC1000 is a full member of the XMC family introduced at the start of 2012 featuring similar peripherals such as timers, A/D converters and serial communication interfaces. As is the case with XMC4000 products, the DAVE™ 3 software development environment is available as a free download.

The XMC1000 microcontroller family with its three series comprises more than 20 products in three package types. XMC1100, XMC1200, and XMC1300 support software re-use within the complete XMC family plus easy interchange of hardware with certain pin-compatible packages. Development boards for XMC1000 range from boot kits for easy initial evaluation to application kits for more specific application-oriented work.

Summary of Features:

  • XMC1100 Microcontroller with 64KB Flash
  • Detachable SEGGER J-Link
  • Board shape & power supply for 
    ARDUINOTM Shields:
  • 6 LEDs

XMC1000 Target Applications

  • Motor control, LED lighting, Digital power conversion, 
  • Smart sensors, Touch control , LED displays, 
  • General purpose

XMC1000 Key Features

  • 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M0, 32MHz
  • 8KB to 200KB Flash memory most scalable Flash portfolio in low-end
  • AES 128-bit secure loader for SW IP protection
  • Patented LED color control engine
  • Leading edge XMC mixed signal and timer peripherals
  • IEC 60730 class B compliant
  • Peripherals for touch and LED display control
  • 64MHz MATH Co-processor for advanced control loops (CORDIC / DIVIDE)
  • Extended temperature range up to 105°C

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