Parafuso M3 40mm Phillips

Parafuso M3 40mm Phillips

Parafuso M3 40mm Phillips

Parafuso M3 40mm Phillips

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Parafuso M3 40mm Phillips

Informação do fabricante:

Use these countersunk screws from RS PRO to secure your electrical devices firmly in place. The 40 mm length bores deep into sockets and fittings to keep your appliances fixed and dependable.

Corrosion won't be able to take hold even after repeated usage thanks to the screws' A2 grade stainless steel material. The helical blades are threaded in compliance with DIN 85 to ensure they screw in evenly. The outer layer of 18% chromium and 8% nickel stops abrasion damage and withstands any potential chips or dents.

The screws can handle heat up to +800°C so they're useful in environments exposed to extreme temperatures. The countersunk design pushes down into the joint to keep the surface applied to smooth.

Features and Benefits

• Slot drive type

• Countersunk head shape

• Metric length of 40 mm

• Stainless steel material

• A2 304 stainless steel type

• Thread pitch of 0.5 mm

• Metric thread size of M3

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