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Válvula Solenoide 12V

Válvula Solenoide 12V

Válvula Solenoide 12V

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Válvula Solenoide 12V

Informação do fabricante:

As a kind of industrial equipment controlled by solenoid, solenoid valve has been widely used in industrial control system to adjust parameter, including direction, flux and speed. Fast, efficient and safe, this product can coordinate with various circuits to realize expected controlling. This product uses voltage-controlled switch. Compared with traditional manual-controlled one, it is more safe and convenient.

Note: Your installment should base on  the flow direction noted on the body of this product, otherwise it cannot work properly.

Technical parameter:

  • Body material: brass
  • Dimensions: (L)62x(W)55x(H)102mm
  • Operating voltage: DC12V/AC220V
  • Applicable fluid: air, water, oil
  • Motion pattern: directly operated type
  • Type: normally-closed
  • Flux aperture: 16mm
  • Tube aperture: 1/2"
  • Operating temperature: -5℃~ +80℃
  • Pressure range: 0~1.0Mpa

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