Suporte Flexível para Camera RPi

Suporte Flexível para Camera RPi

Suporte Flexível para Camera RPi 

Suporte flexível 360 graus, que permite que mantenha o RPI em qualquer posição.

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Suporte Flexível para Camera RPi 

Informação do fabricante:

New V2 Version uses the USB Port and compatible with both V1 and V2 Raspberry Pi Camera!

ModMyPi's 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck Raspberry Pi Camera Mount enables you to hold the Raspberry Pi camera in any position - point it up, point it down and point it all around! It's incredibly versaltile, and very useful if you won't want to plop it inside a 'block' type acrylic mount. As the name suggests, the mount can be bent in 360 Degree's and 17cm end to end length allows for plenty of flexibility whilst still allowing for millimeter perfect adjustments. It's lightweight, and subsequently works with a case and without a case.

The mount plugs directly into the USB Port on the Raspberry Pi, and is specially constructed of black anodised gooseneck tubing that's completely flexible, but stays fixed in the position it's bent into! The tube comes pre-assembled with a USB plug on one end, and a 2mm bolt fixing on the other. Simply slide the 2mm bolt fixing through the top right hand corner of the camera, adding the included Nylon washers on either side, and bolt using the included Nylon half nut!

ModMyPi's 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck Raspberry Pi Camera Mount Features:

  • Plugs Directly into the Raspberry Pi Board via USB Port
  • Comes Complete with 2 x Nylon Washers & 1 x Nylon Nut
  • Mount allows fixed positioning in a full 360 rotation.
  • 170mm Length
  • OD 3.6mm Gooseneck Tubing
  • Black Anodised Finish
  • Weight 17g


Installing the Raspberry Pi Camera

Taking Pictures - RaspiStill Command List

Taking Video - RaspiVid Command List

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