Módulo Powerbank para Baterias 18650 MicroUsb c/ Saídas 1x USB C e 2xUSB A | Carregador de Baterias

Módulo Powerbank para Baterias 18650 MicroUsb c/ Saídas 1x USB C e 2xUSB A

Módulo Powerbank para Baterias 18650 MicroUsb c/ Saídas 1x USB C e 2xUSB A

Módulo Powerbank para Baterias 18650 MicroUsb c/ Saídas 1x USB C e 2xUSB A

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Módulo Powerbank para Baterias 18650 MicroUsb c/ Saídas 1x USB C e 2xUSB A

Informação do fabricante:

British set using mobile power core IP5328P solutions, four gold-plate, optimized layout, support for multiple protocols fast charging, fast charging bidirectional 18W, can support a total charging port 4: 2 USB-A output interface, an USB-C interface, Micro USB interface, four interface supports fast-charge, wherein two support USB-A port QC3.0, FCP, AFC, MTK, SFCP fast charge output power of up to 18W; apple support, Samsung, BC1.2 agreement. USB-C port supports USB PD bi-directional fast-charge, compatible with FCP, AFC, SFCP fast charge input and QC3.0, FCP, AFC, MTK, SFCP fast charge output. MicroUSB support FCP, AFC, SFCP fast charge input.

Product module parameters:

  • Size: 65mm * 32.5mm thin quadrangular hole diameter 3mm
  • Output Interface: USBA + USBA + TYPE-C support fast charge output (see protocol specification fast charge)
  • An input interface: MICRO + TYPE-C support fast charge input (see protocol specification fast charge)
  • Battery Type: 3.7V battery (lithium battery assemblage or 18650) Single parallel, the capacity is not limited, the larger the capacity of charge and discharge time longer, please add the battery safety protection board, board has positive and negative points, the battery can not be then reverse, or burn the motherboard at your peril! ! !
  • Indicating fast charge: input and output high voltage fast charge indicator
  • Conversion efficiency: 95% efficiency (different voltage power efficiency vary) details View specifications have introduced
  • Press the key: the key is longer than 60ms duration, but less than 2s, ie a short press operation, press opens and the booster battery indicator light output, long press 10s reset the entire system, less than 30ms keystrokes will not have any response.
  • Phone into the automatic detection function:
  • IP5328P phone into the automatic detection, wake up from standby mode immediately, the boost 5V to charge the phone open, save key operation, no key support programs.

Functional Description:

Undervoltage lockout and activation

IP5328P battery at the first access, regardless of how much the battery voltage, the chip is in a locked state, the least significant bit will flash charge lamp 4

Prompt times; when non-charging state, if the battery voltage is too low to trigger a low-power shutdown, IP5328P will enter a locked state.

In the locked state, in order to reduce static power consumption, IP5328P was no phone insertion detecting function can not be activated by a button. this

When the button action can not be activated boost output, but the power light will flash four times the lowest level prompt.

In the locked state, it is necessary to enter the state of charge in order to activate the chip functions.


IP5328P has a constant synchronous switch structure, the constant-voltage rechargeable lithium battery management systems support. It can automatically adapt different charging

Pressure specifications.

When the battery voltage is less than 3V, 250mA using trickle charge; when the battery voltage is greater than 3V, the input into the constant current charging, the battery maximum charging end

Electric current 5.0A; when the battery voltage is set close to the battery voltage, constant voltage charging; end of the charging when the battery current is less than about 300mA and electrical

When the battery voltage is close to the voltage of the constant voltage, the charging is stopped. After completion of charging, if the battery voltage is below 4.1V, the battery back on charge.

IP5328P switch using charging techniques, the switching frequency is 500kHz. Ordinary 5V input charge, the maximum input power 10W; fast charge input

When charging, the maximum input power of 18W. End of the battery maximum charging current up to 5.0A, the maximum charging efficiency of 94%, the charging time can be shortened to 3/4.

IP5328P automatically the charge current, the adapter to accommodate different load capacity.

IP5328P does not support the same charge and discharge the same, the state of charge and discharge the output port is closed, to prevent damage to the high voltage charging device is input.


IP5328P a support integrated high voltage output of the synchronous switching systems, to support a wide voltage range of 5V ~ 12V output, negative

Carrying capacities of 5V-3.1A, 7V-2.4A, 9V-2.0A, 12V-1.5A. Switching frequency 375KHz. Built-in soft start

Function to prevent inrush current at startup failure caused by excessive, the integrated output overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, overtemperature protection,

To ensure stable and reliable operation of the system.

Boost system can automatically adjust the output current with temperature, to ensure that the IC temperature below the set temperature.

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