MIC502YN - Fan Management IC

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MIC502YN - Fan Management IC

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MIC502YN - Fan Management IC

The MIC502YN is a thermal and Fan Management IC which supports the features for NLX/ATX power supplies and other control applications. Fan speed is determined by an external temperature sensor, typically a thermistor-resistor divider and (optionally) a second signal, such as the NLX FanC signal. The IC produces a low-frequency pulse-width modulated output for driving an external motor drive transistor. low frequency PWM speed control allows operation of standard brushless DC fans at low duty cycle for reduced acoustic noise and permits the use of a very small power transistor. The PWM time base is determined by an external capacitor. An open-collector over-temperature fault output is asserted if the primary control input is driven above the normal control range. This features a low-power sleep mode with a user determined threshold. Sleep mode completely turns OFF the fan and occurs when the system is asleep or OFF (both control inputs very low).

Supply Voltage Min: 4.5V

Supply Voltage Max: 13.2V

Controller IC Case Style: DIP

No. of Pins: 8Pins

Frequency: 90Hz

Operating Temperature Min: -40°C

Operating Temperature Max: 85°C

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