Bourns Absolute Encoder (EAW0J-B24-AE0128L)
Bourns Absolute Encoder (EAW0J-B24-AE0128L)
Bourns Absolute Encoder (EAW0J-B24-AE0128L)
Bourns Absolute Encoder (EAW0J-B24-AE0128L)

Bourns Absolute Encoder (EAW0J-B24-AE0128L)

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Bourns Absolute Encoder (EAW0J-B24-AE0128L)

Encoder EAW0J-B24-AE0128L


Bourns Absolute Encoder (EAW0J-B24-AE0128L)

The Bourns Absolute Encoder is a digital control knob that provides 128 unique results evenly spaced around a full circle. It is designed as a control panel knob but can be adapted for other uses. This can be a good alternative to using a potentiometer and analog pin, as this allows for full-turn and multi-turn operation.

It differs from the more common incremental rotary encoder which has only two or four values in a rotation and is designed to measure full rotations and direction. This measures angles and absolute position is maintained between power cycles.


Absolute Contacting Encoder (ACE)

Mounting nut and lockwasher (9mm mounting hole)


128 rotary positions

360 degree continuous rotation

Rotational life - 50,000 revolutions (min)

Max RPM - up to 120

Absolute digital output will retain its last position between power cycles or in the event of a power failure

Threaded M9x0.75 in. bushing

3/4 in. rotating encoder shaft

Rear mount terminals



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