Programador USB Blaster Altera CPLD/FPGA | FPGA

Programador USB Blaster Altera CPLD/FPGA

Programador USB Blaster Altera CPLD/FPGA

Programador USB Blaster Altera CPLD/FPGA

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Programador USB Blaster Altera CPLD/FPGA

The USB-Blaster drives configuration or programming data from the PC to configure or program Altera devices.

ALTERA USB Blaster Support AS, PS, and JTAG program, Support embedded logic analyzer function of SignalTapII and NIOS II communication and debugger — When you use it to debug your Black Gold, it will not Pop-up warning.


- Support 1.5V,1.8V,2.5V,3.5V and 5V
- It supports SignalTap II embedded logic analyzer function, with no mistake while crawling data
- It fully supports all Altera products such as CPLD: MAX3000, MAX7000, MAX9000, and MAXII
- FPGA: Stratix, StratixII, StratxIII, Cyclone, CycloneII, CycloneIII, ACEX1K, APEX20K, and FLEX10K, etc.
- Active serial configuration device: EPCS1, EPCS4, EPCS16, EPCS64 etc.
- It enhanced configuration devices: EPC1, EPC4
- It supports 3 download modes: AS, PS, and JTAG
- It support and Nios II embedded soft core processor communication and debugging Rev. C's latest version of Hardware. Support jtag_uart
- Speed is 6 times faster than parallel port download cable ByteBlasterII
- Easy to use: MiniUSB interface, easy connection, two status indicator makes debugging more comfortable
- Compatible with ALTERA USB Blaster, functionality and performance are the same as ALTERA original download cable
- System configuration: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, USB interface

Package Includes:

1 x USB blaster device
1 x USB cable
1 x 10pin JTAGE cable

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