Voltímetro LED Digital 0-100V 0.28" - Vermelho
Voltímetro LED Digital 0-100V 0.28" - Vermelho
Voltímetro LED Digital 0-100V 0.28" - Vermelho
Voltímetro LED Digital 0-100V 0.28" - Vermelho

Voltímetro LED Digital 0-100V 0.28" - Vermelho

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Voltímetro 0-100V LED Digital 0.28" - Vermelho

Mini Display Voltímetro vermelho Medidor de Tensão DC 0V a 100V. A utilização do Mini Voltímetro Digital é muito simples, basta conectar o fio preto no negativo e o fio vermelho no positivo, e o display já começa a mostrar as informações de tensão do circuito.


Voltímetro 0-100V LED Digital 0.28" - Vermelho

Informação do fabricante:


  • Power Supply voltage: DC 0-100V
  • Measuring Range: DC0-100V
  • Display: three 0.28 "LED digital tube
  • Refresh rate: about 200mS / times
  • Accuracy: 1%(+/- 1 Digit)
  • Operating temperature: -10 ~ +80℃
  • Display Color: red


-This voltmeter uses 0.28inch LED digital tube without casing. The voltmeter is super thin with small shape and low price and stable performances. It can display well.

-This voltmeter's measurement range is wide, it's DC0-100V. It need outer working power supply and the voltage is DC0-100V. There is protection when the wires aren't correctly connected.

-This voltmeter's display resolution is 0.1V.

-This voltmeter is suitable for clients who has DC power supply,because this can save cost. And it can be used when the voltage need to be measured from 0V.


-This voltmeter's measurement range is 0-100V, this voltage is just measurement signal and it can't be regarded as voltmeter's working power supply. -This voltmeter need outer working power supply which can supply DC0-100V as working power supply. About three wires, the black wire is communal negative pole,he white wire is connected to measuring voltage's positive pole, the red wire is connect to working power supply's positive pole,the measuring circuit and power circuit's negative pole are communal.

-The voltage of this voltmeter's working power supply is 0-100V, 100V is the voltmeter's maximum operating limited voltage, please leave enough margin when working, to avoid voltmeter's permanent damage because of electrical spark, power supply ripple,or other too high abrupt change of voltage.

-This voltmeter didn't do moisture-proof, waterproof, shockproof, anti-oil processing, please be careful or handle by yourselt when using.

Package include:

1 Digital Vermelho Voltmeter

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