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Kit DIY Radio FM 76-108MHZ

Kit DIY Radio FM 76-108MHZ

Kit DIY de Radio FM

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Kit DIY Radio FM 76-108MHZ

Informação do fabricante:

 - Kit contain Many types of electronic components:Resistances capacitance,inductance coil,diode,IC, headphone jack,button etc. it has many basic component types, Users only need to bring their own one stereophone and two AA batteries

 - Learning electronic circuit

 - Develop hands-on ability

 - The use is particularly suitable for students welding double layers PCB!

 - Frequency area: FM 76~108MHZ

Advantages of using in school practice:

Electronic production for electronic enthusiasts or students, This set of FM FM Radio Kit for beginners, especially for the first time the use of welding tools for welding students or enthusiasts, in particular, to optimize the arrangement of the various components, the installation of the package is easy to install and high success rate! Because it has been used in many schools, so we know its performance. This kit includes a pair of quality stereo headphones! The advantages of the use of headphones mainly take into account the student's classroom noise problems!

Features and methods of use:

FM radio has the advantages of rich program, good sound quality, around the launch of the FM radio station own. The kit FM pocket computer selected radio using HEX3653 integrated block, a 16 foot dual flat package, the working voltage is 1.8~3.6V, the circuit includes a FM radio antenna receives all the functions from the discriminator output audio signal, the search is also provided with a tuning circuit, signal detection circuit, squelch circuit and compression in frequency offset frequency locking ring FLL circuit. The intermediate frequency of the circuit is designed as 70KHZ, and the peripheral circuit does not need the intermediate frequency transformer, and the frequency selection is accomplished by the RC intermediate frequency filter in the circuit. This machine uses electric tuning button (SEEK+, SEEK-), and the volume control button (VOL+, VOL-) as well as the power switch button (PSW). The circuit is switched on, press the power switch button, the circuit starts to work, according to the SEEK+ or to the low-end to high-end search frequency radio frequency search by SEEK-, automatically search the radio signal, tuning automatically stop, if you then click the search button, the radio circuit continues to search. Frequency range is 76~108MHZ. Both to receive universal FM FM station, but also to receive the school campus radio. When the receiving effect drops or the noise is larger than before, please replace the battery! Battery power or voltage is not enough, the noise will be large and difficult to search to taiwan. Battery with two AA batteries.

Welding sequence:

First welded patch element, then:1.Restistances 2.inductance coil 3.capacitor 4.diodes and audion 5.buttons 6.headphone jack and switch and others(pay attentionto the IC first pad,electrolytic capacitor polar, LED’s polar,diodes polar D1,D2)!




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