Módulo Grove Motor de Vibração | Vibração / Tilt

Módulo Grove Motor de Vibração

Módulo Grove Motor de Vibração

Módulo Grove Motor de Vibração

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Módulo Grove Motor de Vibração

Informação do fabricante:

  • Permanent Magnet Coreless DC motor, vibrates when the input logic is HIGH
  • Coin size(24mm x20mm), compact design, embed into your project easily
  • Grove Compatible Interface, play and play
  • Compatible with Arduino & Raspberry Pi, detailed instruction provided


Grove - Vibration Motor consists of one coin type motor which is a permanent magnet coreless DC motor. It vibrates when the input logic is HIGH which can be used to notify the user. Integrated with Grove interface, it provides a simple way to connect with Arduino boards without soldering (A Grove Base Shield is required). Grove Vibration motor is compatible with Arduino and Raspberry, it can also be used in toys and cell phones, health care products, etc.

What is Grove?

No jumpers or soldering required, Grove makes it easier to connect, experiment, and simplify the prototyping process significantly. We have developed more than 300 Grove modules, covering a wide range of applications that can fulfill a variety of needs. Each one comes with clear documentation and demo code to help you get started quickly. Not only are these open hardware, but we also have open-source software. 

For all Grove users (especially beginners), we provide you guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface - Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before your using of the product. 

Demo & Project Idea:

Kids playing on the streets without watching traffics might encounter danger. Why not make a safety badge to remind them? This demo will trigger the vibration motor when the distance between the wearer and any object is less than one meter.

It contains an ultrasonic sensor to detect any object, and a vibration motor to trigger action. Thanks to the plug and play feature, these parts from Grove system require no soldering for your circuit. Check here for step-by-step instruction!

Technical details:

Dimensions: 24mm x20mm x9.8mm

Weight: G.W 9g

Battery: Exclude

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